stefan alexandres




  The art of filigree can only be made by hand, soldering together fine twisted wire to compose a design.

Different small parts are created, then joined together to build up a wearable sculpture. 

Repousse is made with ancient style tools, embossing the metal on a soft surface (which allows it to give when pressure is applied) in order to render the image in the metal.

The design is first chased onto the metal from the front. Then it is embossed from the back (repousse) using special hand tools.

These steps are alternated until the design is fully completed.

The variety of color effects are created by a combination of several methods and techniques.

Traditional patinas, metal stains, paints, and gold or silver leaf create more dramatic effects.

For more information about the ancient arts of repousse and filigree follow the links below courtesy of Wikipedia.

My sculpting process      

“It is important to involve myself in every step of the process; a crucial vehicle that permits me, as an artist, to enter into the manifestation of the work and its message.

I draw inspiration from history, mythologies, folktales, and real life.”    Preliminary drawings lay out the subject to make the idea suitable for sculpture.

Over all, in the sculpting process, I am building up the form and work the metal direct without molds or stamps. The work requires temperatures over 2.800 fahrenheit for melting, cutting, gauging or piercing the metal. The application encompasses techniques  such as forging, welding and carving.

In the end the metal work is sandblasted. After that a fortuitous arraignment of patinas, fire treatment and further touchups by polishing the metal, alters the contrast and appearance.

The titanium collection is the the new generation of my work, a vital and creative experience.

  I have broken new ground  working with titanium that transcends the traditional craft  and applications  I had learned in my earlier years. After three years of success  in creating titanium jewelry, I am continuing a coherent path in authenticity and experimentation,

This exotic metal with it's unique characteristics and properties,   is especially challenging to work with and has very different fabrication techniques from the traditional metals. Titanium has had a tremendous success on  industrial  technology and modern ingenuity.

On the contrary, with art studios, only few dare  to play/craft with titanium and expose the exotic metal to the trade. So, as there is much to learn, the journey continues with gratification and infinite designing possibilities.