A real scenario, 
pitch dark and silence.
Along an endless path, groping by instinct 
and touching apparitions with a human touch
Where am I?,  I said.
Counting stars and fragments I whispered my dreams: 
essence from offerings and humble sculptural interpretations
…how do I subdue ignorance?
Suspended heaven, after all I think of myself as a developing artist.
I have been born on the planet Earth, after the second war
with one foot in the salty water and the other 
in the volcano of Santorini island.    

Art expresses my philosophy of how I have seen life;             
the understanding of the world and myself.  
I create what intrigues me through the aesthetics of form and  draw inspiration from history, mythologies, folktales, and real life. 
I have broken new ground  that transcends the traditional formulas I learned in my early years. Expanding the  boundaries of creating with exploration and experimentation. My new work has had a radical change, as I have begun working with titanium which is harder then steel. I challenge myself with this metal and its special characteristics , process and  procedures. 
Each piece  is  a one of a kind story with something personal to  communicate. 


Stefan alexandres